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Team - I2P
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I2P Project Members

We are a small group of people spread around several continents, working to advance different aspects of the project and discussing the design of the network. Get involved!

Admin Project Manager zzz point of contact of last resort
Treasurer eche|on manage donations / accounts / bounties
PR manager orion press contact, manages public relations and affairs
Forum admin cervantes manage the public user forum
Mirrors admin welterde manage the project mirrors
Monotone guru welterde, eche|on manage the public monotone repositories
Packager; Linux KillYourTV Linux (Debian/Ubuntu) distribution packager
Packager; Windows KillYourTV Windows installer packager
Release Manager zzz Builds and signs the releases
Update admin KillYourTV Monitors and recruits in-network update hosts
Reseed admin Meeh Monitors, advises and recruits reseed hosts
Security expert [vacant] threat model / crypto expert
Trac admin KillYourTV Manage the project bug tracker
Translation admins eche|on, HungryHobo, KillYourTV, str4d, zzz Admins on Transifex
User Advocate [vacant] gather, prioritize, advocate for user needs
Web Designer [vacant] manage the public project website content design
Webserver admin welterde manage the public project webservers
Website admin str4d manage the public project website content
News Admin eche|on manage router console news feed
Director of passion [vacant] community motivator

Dev Core Lead zzz lead dev for the SDK and router
I2P mail lead postman organize and develop the i2p mail system
I2Host lead sponge I2Host addressbook application
BOB lead sponge Basic Open Bridge
I2P-Bote lead HungryHobo I2PBote plugin
Robert lead sponge Robert BitTorrent client
I2Phex lead [vacant] I2Phex Gnutella client
I2PSnark lead zzz Maintains the integrated Bittorrent client
iMule lead [vacant] eMule client over I2P
Syndie lead [vacant] Syndie development
Susimail lead [vacant] Susimail development
Console [vacant] Router console HTML/CSS design
SAM [vacant] SAM maintainer
I2PCPP lead orion C++ Router
Translators many many people! Translators on Transifex
Contributors cervantes fire2pe dev, console enhancements
Mathiasdm desktopgui, dijjer port
KillYourTV Debian/Ubuntu Packager and PPA maintainer
str4d Routerconsole backend and UI work, website revamp, unit tests work
[vacant] Help needed on many fronts!

Past contributors mihi I2PTunnel development, ministreaming library
jrandom Project lead, Syndie lead
Complication Project lead, Syndie lead, I2Phex, support guru
mkvore iMule lead
redzara I2Phex work
striker I2Phex work
legion I2Phex work
Connely Python SAM library, attack simulations
mastiejaner i2pmail development
dust Syndie help
susi23 i2p mail,susimail and susidns apps
sirup I2Phex (port of Phex to I2P)
Ragnarok addressbook,i2p-bt,syndie client
duck organize and develop the i2p-bt BitTorrent port
Ragnarok addressbook, i2p-bt, syndie client development
thecrypto encryption and signature routines, I2PIM
aum SAM jython code, work on stasher (DHT) and v2v (VoI2P)
hypercubus installer, systray, bogobot
ugha jbigi development, wiki migration, doc cleanup
oOo java debugging and client development on I2PTunnel and the router console
BrianR SAM perl module
eco i2psnark work
shendaras java cleanup
JAnonymous docs. wiki migration
jar translations into French
scintilla C port of jcpuid
smeghead C# SAM library, pants, fortuna integration
Nightblade libSAM
dinoman i2p-bt tracker development
DrWoo i2p-bt tracker development
dr|z3d Console and website themes
walking Chinese translation
monkeybrains Dutch translation
magma French translation
eche|on, mixxy German translation
rus, 4get, slow Russian translation
user Spanish translation
thelastcode, hamada Arabic translation
…and many others