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I2P's Hall of Fame

Current balance: as of 2013-08-25
General fund: 28829,12 € and 607,49839100 BTC
Datastorage bounty: 145.0 € and 2 BTC
native IPv6 I2P : 100.0 € and 50 BTC
I2PHex bounty: 100.0 €
I2P in debian mirrors: 148.0 €
Bitcoin client for I2P: 10 € and 50.34 BTC
Unit Tests for I2P router: 2305 €
Bounty Robert: 20
Bounty Syndie: 18 BTC
Bounty I2P for CCR Microtic Board: 10 €

Current monthly running costs:
Welterde 8 €/mo, since January, 2008 -
eche|on 40 €/mo since January, 2008 - and domains

Big thanks go to the following people who have donated to I2P!

If you have made a donation, please send an email to echelon with your name or nick (and optionally homepage) so we can list you here.

Current monthly subscriptions:
01/2012-01/2013anonymous30 €General fund

2013 donations and costs:
Jan, 2013anonymous10 €General fund
Jan, 2013PayPal fees 2012,2nd30,27 €General fund
Jan, 201329C3 costs320 €General fund
Jan, 2013Hottuna80 €General fund
Jan, 2013Cacapo80 €General fund
Jan, 2013I2P services echelon100 €General fund
Jan, 2013I2P services welterde100 €General fund
Jan, 2013I2P services sponge100 €General fund
Jan, 2013Kytv service9.50 BTCGeneral fund
Jan, 2013anonymous10 €General fund
Jan, 2013anonymous18 €General fund
Jan, 2013anonymous20 €General fund
Jan, 2013anonymous30 €General fund
Jan, 2013sell BTC2434 €200 BTCGeneral fund
Jan, 2013anonymous5 €General fund
Jan, 2013anonymous0.80 BTCGeneral fund
Jan, 2013anonymous10 €Bounty .deb package
Jan, 2013anonymous5 €Bounty Unit Tests
Jan, 2013anonymous30 €Bounty Eepsites in Tahoe-Lafs
Jan, 2013Paid Bounty Unittests400 €Bounty Unittests
Feb, 2013bikenstrings5 €General fund
Feb, domain11,90 €General fund
Feb, 2013anonymous10 €General fund
Feb, 2013anonymous20 €General fund
Feb, 2013anonymous30 €General fund
Feb, 2013tabby.cat1 €General fund
Feb, 2013anonymous30 €General fund
Feb, 2013syndie, domains59,90 €General fund
Feb, 2013anonymous0.01234567 BTCGeneral fund
Feb, 2013anonymous0.499 BTCGeneral fund
Feb, 2013anonymous0.01234567 BTCGeneral fund
Feb, 2013anonymous0.29 BTCGeneral fund
Feb, 2013anonymous0.01234567 BTCGeneral fund
Feb, 2013Change Syndie/IPv6 bounty50 BTC50 BTCBounty Syndie,IPv6
Mar, 2013Sell BTC2598 €100 BTCGeneral fund
Mar, 2013I2P Laptop846,05 €General fund
Mar, 2013Sell BTC4123 €100 BTCGeneral fund
Mar, 2013David Julian30 €General fund
Mar, 2013I2P Laptop117,46 €General fund
Mar, 2013anonymous20 €General fund
Mar, 2013anonymous30 €General fund
Mar, 2013Sell BTC4998 €100 BTCGeneral fund
Mar, 2013Sell BTC5923 €100 BTCGeneral fund
Mar, domain11,90 €General fund
Mar, 2013Sell BTC7889 €100 BTCGeneral fund
Mar, 2013anonymous25 €General fund
Mar, 2013anonymous0.01234567 BTCGeneral fund
Mar, 2013echelon10 BTCGeneral fund
Mar, 2013Recalc Syndie Bountie32 BTC32 BTCGeneral fund, Syndie bounty
Apr, 2013SSL cert syndie.de389,70 €General fund
Apr, 2013SSL cert geti2p.net389,70 €General fund
Apr, 2013anonymous5 €General fund
Apr, 2013giv30 €General fund
Apr, 2013anonymous20 €General fund
Apr, 2013anonymous30 €General fund
Apr, 2013Flattr107,80 €General fund
Apr, 2013SSL cert i2p2.de2009,70 €General fund
Apr, 2013anonymous4 €General fund
Apr, 2013anonymous10 €General fund
Apr, 2013anonymous10 €I2PBTC native client
Apr, 2013anonymous1 BTCGeneral fund
Apr, 201329C3 contest25 BTCGeneral fund
Apr, 201329C3 contest5 BTCGeneral fund
Apr, 201329C3 contest10,3 BTCGeneral fund
Apr, 2013anonymous0.15 BTCGeneral fund
Apr, 2013anonymous0.000024 BTCGeneral fund
Apr, 2013anonymous0.0000496 BTCGeneral fund
Apr, 2013anonymous0.01 BTCGeneral fund
Apr, 2013Bounty native I2P BTC client paid to giv30 €Bounty BTC client
Apr, 2013Bounty native I2P BTC client paid to giv68 BTCBounty BTC client
May, 2013anonymous50 €General fund
May, 2013anonymous0.3 BTCGeneral fund
May, 2013anonymous10 €Bounty CCR Microtic Board
May, 2013anonymous20 €General fund
May, 2013anonymous30 €General fund
May, 2013anonymous3.50 €General fund
May, 2013anonymous0.0008 BTCGeneral fund
May, 2013anonymous0.0991 BTCGeneral fund
June, 2013anonymous10 €General fund
June, 2013anonymous20 €General fund
June, 2013anonymous30 €General fund
June, 2013DHT bounty325 €DHT bounty
June, 2013anonymous1 €General fund
June, 2013anonymous0.0000067 BTCGeneral fund
June, 2013anonymous0.01 BTCGeneral fund
June, 2013anonymous0.031 BTCGeneral fund
June, 2013anonymous0.25 BTCGeneral fund
July, 2013first-leon1 €General fund
July, 2013anonymous5 €General fund
July, 2013anonymous2 €General fund
July, 2013anonymous20 €General fund
July, 2013anonymous0.05 €General fund
July, 2013anonymous30 €General fund
July, 2013JULLIAN David15 €General fund
July, 2013anonymous0.00567899 BTCGeneral fund
July, 2013anonymous0.00942744 BTCGeneral fund
July, 2013anonymous0.01807730 BTCGeneral fund
July, 2013fraud loss9 BTCGeneral fund
Aug, 2013anonymous18 €General fund
Aug, 2013anonymous30 €General fund
Aug, 2013sell BTC820 €10 BTCGeneral fund
Aug, 2013anonymous20 €General fund
Aug, 2013anonymous25 €Bounty deb package
Aug, 2013anonymous0.0279 BTCGeneral fund

2012 donations and costs:
Jan, server rent-100 €General fund
Jan, server rent-200 €General fund
Jan, 2012I2P services sponge-100 €General fund
Jan, 2012anonymous500 €General fund
Jan, 2012anonymous1500 €Bounty Unit Tests
Jan, 2012anonymous30 €General fund
Jan, 2012anonymous10 €General fund
Jan, 2012anonymous0.01 BTCGeneral fund
Jan, 2012anonymous100 BTCBounty I2P bitcoin client
Jan, 2012anonymous20 €Bounty .deb package
Jan, 2012anonymous25 €General fund
Jan, 2012alu-anon20 €General fund
Jan, 2012maxkoda1.00 BTCGeneral fund
Jan, 2012maxkoda2.00 BTCBounty I2P BTC client
Feb, 2012DJ Eugene10 €General fund
Feb, 2012ZZZ new dev workstation522,02 €General fund
Feb, 2012anonymous15 €General fund
Feb, 2012anonymous91 €General fund
Feb, 2012Sponge dev machine52,3 €General fund
Feb, 2012anonymous30 €General fund
Feb, 2012anonymous22 €General fund
Feb, 2012domain cost11,9 €General fund
Feb, 2012domain cost11,9 €General fund
Feb, 2012anonymous1.4328 BTCGeneral fund
Feb, 2012anonymous1000.00 BTCGeneral fund
Feb, 2012anonymous2.20 BTCGeneral fund
Feb, 2012maxkoda1.00 BTCGeneral fund
Feb, 2012maxkoda2.00 BTCBounty I2P BTC client
Mar, 2012Lautrec10 €General fund
Mar, 2012anonymous30 €General fund
Mar, 2012PayPal fees recalculated188,13 €General fund
Mar, 2012anonymous0.25 BTCGeneral fund
Mar, 2012anonymous2.00 BTCGeneral fund
Mar, 2012anonymous0.0000491 BTCGeneral fund
Mar, 2012anonymous1500 €Bounty Unit Tests
Mar, 2012domain cost11,9 €General fund
Mar, 2012maxkoda1.01 BTCGeneral fund
Mar, 2012maxkoda2.10 BTCBounty I2P BTC client
Apr, 2012anonymous100 €General fund
Apr, 2012anonymous30 €General fund
Apr, 2012anonymous0,50 €General fund
Apr, 2012anonymous0.10 BTCGeneral fund
Apr, 2012anonymous0.723 BTCGeneral fund
May, 2012anonymous0.01 BTCGeneral fund
May, 2012anonymous2.00 BTCGeneral fund
May, 2012anonymous1.50 BTCGeneral fund
May, 2012anonymous150 €General fund
May, 2012anonymous5 €General fund
May, 2012PayPal fees april11,94 €General fund
May, 2012anonymous10 €General fund
May, 2012anonymous30 €General fund
May, 2012anonymous0.25 BTCGeneral fund
May, 2012anonymous0,69307046 BTCGeneral fund
Jun, 2012sell 100 BTC513.38 €100 BTCGeneral fund
Jun, 2012anonymous10 €General fund
Jun, 2012anonymous30 €General fund
Jun, 2012anonymous10 BTCGeneral fund
Jun, 2012MaxKoda1 BTCGeneral fund
Jun, 2012maxkoda1 BTCBounty I2P BTC client
Jul, 2012anonymous10 €General fund
Jul, 2012anonymous30 €General fund
Jul, 2012anonymous1 BTCGeneral fund
Jul, 2012anonymous4 BTCGeneral fund
Aug, 2012anonymous10 €General fund
Aug, 2012anonymous30 €General fund
Aug, 2012anonymous96.04 €General fund
Sep, 2012anonymous30 €General fund
Sep, 2012anonymous30 €General fund
Sep, 2012Evgeny Ilin5 €General fund
Sep, 2012anonymous0.0001 BTCGeneral fund
Oct, 2012dJavid84fr30 €General fund
Oct, 2012anonymous1.11 €General fund
Oct, 2012anonymous20 €General fund
Oct, 2012anonymous30 €General fund
Oct, 2012anonymous1 €General fund
Oct, 2012anonymous20 €Bounty Deb package
Oct, 2012anonymous5 €Bounty Robert
Oct, 2012anonymous20 €Bounty Robert
Oct, 2012anonymous10 BTCBounty Robert
Oct, 2012anonymous1 €General fund
Oct, 2012anonymous20 €Bounty Robert
Nov, 2012anonymous20 €General fund
Nov, 2012anonymous30 €General fund
Nov, 2012anonymous0.000666 BTCGeneral fund
Nov, 2012anonymous0.05025998 BTCGeneral fund
Nov, 2012anonymous1 BTCGeneral fund
Nov, 2012maxkoda1 BTCBounty native I2P BTC client
Nov, 2012anonymous0.00064184 BTCGeneral fund
Mov, 2012anonymous0.01697271 BTCGeneral fund
Nov, 2012anonymous0.0005 BTCGeneral fund
Nov, 2012anonymous16 €Robert Bounty
Nov, 2012anonymous40 €Robert Bounty
Nov, 2012I2P101 € & 10BTCRobert Bounty payout
Dec, 2012anonymous10 €General fund
Dec, 2012anonymous3 €General fund
Dec, 2012anonymous20 €General fund
Dec, 2012anonymous30 €General fund
Dec, 2012anonymous10 €General fund
Dec, 2012anonymous0.7 €General fund
Dec, 2012anonymous0.5 BTCGeneral fund
Dec, 2012anonymous0.0010 BTCGeneral fund
Dec, 2012anonymous0.5 BTCGeneral fund
Dec, 2012I2P100 BTCGeneral fund
Dec, 2012I2P100 BTCSyndie Bounty
Dec, 2012anonymous0.01234567 BTCGeneral fund
Dec, 2012anonymous0.01234567 BTCGeneral fund

2011 donations and costs:
Jan, server rent-100 €General fund
Jan, server rent-200 €General fund
Jan, 2011PayPal fees 2010-40 €General fund
Jan, 2011refund of netstorage bounty,duck,smeghead700 €General fund
Jan, 2011woodchips50 BTCGeneral fund
Jan, 2011anonymous13 €General fund
Jan, 2011anonymous20 €General fund
Jan, 2011anonymous400 BTCGeneral fund
Jan, 2011Amiga40001000 BTCGeneral fund
Jan, 2011anonymous30 BTCGeneral fund
Jan, 2011Mozartito8 €General fund
Jan, 2011anonymous20 €General fund
Jan, 2011Flattr69,15 €General fund
Feb, 2011bv-falcon15 €General fund
Feb, 2011anonymous6,66 €General fund
Feb, 2011anonymous100 €General fund
Feb, 2011anonymous20 €General fund
Feb, 2011anonymous25 €General fund
Feb, 20113 domains 2011-36 €General fund
Feb, 2011anonymous33.41 BTCGeneral fund
Mar, 2011anonymous30 €General fund
Mar, 2011h2ik23 €I2P deb in debian mirrors
Mar, 2011h2ik50 €IPv6 Bounty
Mar, 2011hamada-80 BTCArabic routerconsole
Mar, 2011anonymous63.01 BTCGeneral fund
Apr, 2011I2P745.84 €-1000 BTCGeneral fund
Apr, 2011anonymous30 €General fund
Apr, 2011anonymous10 €General fund
Apr, 2011magma100 €General fund
Apr, 2011I2P services sponge-100 €General fund
Apr, 2011anonymous20 €General fund
Apr, 2011anonymous50 €I2P debian package bounty
Apr, 2011anonymous10 €General fund
Apr, 2011anonymous10 €General fund
Apr, 2011anonymous0.06 BTCGeneral fund
May, 2011anonymous30 €General fund
May, 2011anonymous5 €General fund
May, 2011anonymous20 €General fund
May, 2011anonymous10 €General fund
May, 2011Max Koda10 BTCGeneral fund
May, 2011anonymous1.180001 BTCGeneral fund
May, 2011ZZZ250.06 €trimslice dev device for ZZZ
Jun, 2011An anonymous secret society society@mail.i2p.re200 €SILC bounty
Jun, 2011Flattr104 €General fund
Jun, 2011anonymous30 €General fund
Jun, 2011anonymous3 €General fund
Jun, 2011anonymous-13.6 BTCGeneral fund
Jun, 2011anonymous22.5 BTCGeneral fund
Jul, 2011hamada-20 BTCarabic bounty
Jul, 2011anonymous0.2 BTCGeneral fund
Jul, 2011psychonaut30 €Bitcoin client bounty
Jul, 2011anonymous30 €General fund
Jul, 2011anonymous5 GBPGeneral fund
Jul, 2011anonymous10 €General fund
Jul, 2011anonymous10 €General fund
Aug, 2011anonymous30 €General fund
Aug, 2011An anonymous secret society society@mail.i2p.re20 €General fund
Aug, 2011anonymous15 €General fund
Aug, 2011ZZZ$150 UStravel expenses for ZZZ
Sep, 2011anonymous30 €General fund
Sep, 2011anonymous5 €General fund
Sep, 2011maxkoda.i2p.re1.303 BTCGeneral fund
Sep, 2011anonymous1.2 BTCGeneral fund
Oct, 2011anonymous12.1347 BTCGeneral fund
Oct, 2011anonymous30 €General fund
Oct, 2011anonymous20 €General fund
Oct, 2011anonymous5 €General fund
Oct, 2011anonymous10 €General fund
Oct, 2011anonymous5 €General fund
Oct, 2011uglic30 €General fund
Oct, 2011anonymous10 €General fund
Oct, 2011vention73 €General fund
Oct, 2011anonymous20 €General fund
Oct, 20114get163 €RU translation delayed payment
Nov, 2011anonymous30 €General fund
Nov, 2011anonymous10 €General fund
Nov, 2011Daniel Liabeuf20 €General fund
Nov, 2011anonymous15 €Bounty eepsites in datastorage
Nov, 2011maxkoda5.23 BTCbounty BTC client in I2P
Nov, 2011anonymous0.512 BTCGeneral fund
Dec, 2011anonymous30 €General fund
Dec, 2011silc bounty100 €ReturningNovice
Dec, 2011silc bounty100 €General fund
Dec, 2011ReturningNovice50 €General fund
Dec, 2011ReturningNovice50 €Sponge
Dec, 2011anonymous5 €General fund
Dec, 2011anonymous5 €General fund
Dec, 2011maxkoda5.01 BTCbounty BTC client in I2P
Dec, 2011anonymous0.4825475 BTCSponge
Dec, 2011anonymous5,54436182 BTCgeneral fund
Dec, 2011PayPal100 €PayPal fees 2011

Previous to 2011 donations:
Dec, 2010anonymous20 €General fund
Dec, 2010anonymous30 €General fund
Dec, 2010anonymous$20 USDGeneral fund
Dec, 2010anonymous$10 USDGeneral fund
Dec, 2010anonymous20 €General fund
Dec, 2010anonymous1.50 €General fund
Dec, 2010anonymous10 €General fund
Nov, 2010anonymous20 €General fund
Oct, 2010anonymous20 €General fund
Oct, 2010anonymous15 €General fund
Oct, 2010ru bounty payback$230 USDGeneral fund
Oct, 2010R.Schwabe10 €General fund
Oct, 2010Flattr29,40 €General fund
Sep, 2010anonymous10 €General fund
Sep, 2010anonymous11 €General fund
Sep, 2010anonymous10 €General fund
Sep, 2010anonymous20 €General fund
Sep, 2010R.Schwabe10 €General fund
Sep, 2010anonymous15 €General fund
Aug, 2010anonymous20 €General fund
Aug, 2010anonymous10 €General fund
Jul, 2010anonymous6,50 PLNGeneral fund
Jul, 2010anonymous10 €General fund
Jul, 2010anonymous5 €General fund
Jul, 2010anonymous20 €General fund
Jul, 2010anonymous30 €General fund
Jun, 2010anonymous5 €General fund
Jun, 2010anonymous20 €General fund
Jun, 2010anonymous8 €General fund
Jun, 2010anonymous10 €General fund
May, 2010anonymous$ 20 CADGeneral fund
May, 2010anonymous10 €General fund
May, 2010anonymous7 €General fund
Apr, 2010anonymous£ 60 SCOGeneral fund
Apr, 2010anonymous10 €General fund
Apr, 2010anonymous200 €Datastorage bounty
Apr, 2010anonymous10 €General fund
Apr, 2010Mozartito5 €General fund
Mar, 2010anonymous140 €General fund
Mar, 2010anonymous10 €Abo General fund
Mar, 2010anonymous10 €Abo General fund
Feb, 2010anonymous10 €Abo General fund
Feb, 2010anonymous5 €General fund
Feb, 2010anonymous10 €General fund
Jan, 2010anonymous500 €General fund
Jan, 2010bernerbaer50 €General fund
Jan, 2010anonymous15 €General fund
Apr, 2009-Jan, 2010neutron20 €/monthoutproxy fund
Jan, 2010anonymous$20 USDGeneral fund
Jan, 2010anonymous6.80 €General fund
Jan, 2010anonymous10 €General fund
Dec, 2009anonymous5 €General fund
Dec, 2009anonymous35 €General fund
Nov, 2009russian donor230 $Russian translation bounty
Nov, 2009anonymous10 €General fund
Oct, 2009echelon10 €i2phex bounty
Oct, 2009arne bab10 €i2phex bounty
Oct, 2009anonymous10 €General fund
Aug, 2009anonymous400 €General fund
Aug, 2009anonymous10 €General fund
Aug, 2009anonymous100 €General fund
Jul, 2009G.Klaus15 €General fund
Jul, 2009R.Schwabe$20 USDGeneral fund
Jun, 2009anonymous10 €General fund
Jun, 2009Cendre20 €General fund
Jun, 2009M.Hilbig10 €General fund
Jun, 2009anonymous20 €General fund
May, 2009EoL10 €General fund
Apr, 2009anonymous10 €General fund
Apr, 2009anonymous60 €General fund
Apr, 2009Gilgongo15 €General fund
Apr, 2009Amiga400050 €I2P vuze plugin bounty
Mar, 2009[anonymous]50 €General fund
Feb, 2009[anonymous]30 €General fund
Feb, 2009DVT20 €General fund
Oct, 2008eche|on500.0 €Datastorage bounty
Mar, 2007zzz$200 USDGeneral fund
Nov, 2006-Dec, 2007[anonymous]$10 USD/monthgeneral fund
Dec, 2006barNew mac testing machine
Dec, 2006[anonymous]$200 USDGeneral fund
Oct, 2006[anonymous]$150 USDGeneral fund
Oct, 2006[anonymous]$100 USDGeneral fund
Oct, 2005-Oct, 2006Eol$10 USD/monthGeneral fund
Oct, 2006Peter$750 USDGeneral fund
Jun, 2006[anonymous]$450 USDGeneral fund
Jun, 2006[anonymous]$10 USDGeneral fund
Jun, 2006[anonymous]$10 USDGeneral fund
May, 2006athena$135 USDGeneral fund
Apr, 2006postman$300 USDGeneral fund
Apr, 2006[anonymous]$300 USDGeneral fund
Apr, 2006[anonymous]$500 USDGeneral fund
Apr, 2006[anonymous]$100 USDGeneral fund
Apr, 2006[anonymous]$10 USDGeneral fund
Apr, 2006[anonymous]$50 USDGeneral fund
Apr, 2006[anonymous]$15 USDGeneral fund
Apr, 2006[anonymous]$12 USDGeneral fund
Mar, 2006[anonymous]$30 USDGeneral fund
Mar, 2006[anonymous]$800 USDGeneral fund
Mar, 2006barNew development machine
Mar, 2006postman$300 USDGeneral fund
Mar, 2006[anonymous]$5 USDGeneral fund
Feb, 2006[anonymous]$50 USDGeneral fund
Jan, 2006[anonymous]$500 USDUnit test bounty
Jan, 2006[anonymous]$25 USDI2P general fund
Jan, 2006[anonymous]$10 USDI2P general fund
Jan, 2006[anonymous]$40 USDI2P general fund
Jan, 2006[anonymous]$50 USDI2P general fund
Jan, 2006[anonymous]$20 USDI2P general fund
Dec, 2005[anonymous]$10 USDI2P general fund
Dec, 2005[anonymous]$10 USDI2P general fund
Nov, 2005-Dec, 2007[anonymous]$10 USD/monthgeneral fund
Nov, 2005-Dec, 2007[anonymous]$50 USD/monthgeneral fund
Nov, 2005aum$10 USDI2P general fund
Nov, 2005aum$10 USDI2P general fund
Nov, 2005[anonymous]$50 USDI2P general fund
Nov, 2005[anonymous]$100 USDI2P general fund
Nov, 2005Aurimas Fiseras$20 USDI2P general fund
Nov, 2005[anonymous]$500 USDI2P general fund
Oct, 2005-Dec, 2007[anonymous]$200 USD/monthgeneral fund
Oct, 2005Doubtful salmon$120 USDBundling bounties
Oct, 2005[anonymous]$1000 USDI2P general fund
Sep, 2005[anonymous]$25 USDGCJ bounty
Sep, 2005[anonymous]$25 USDI2P general fund
Jul, 2005Anthony Skipper$50 USDI2P general fund
Jul, 2005Chris Wong$50 USDI2P general fund
Jun-Nov, 2005[anonymous]$60 USDI2P general fund
Jun, 2005[anonymous]$3 USDI2P general fund
May, 2005Timothy Wesson$60 USDI2P general fund
Apr, 2005Zlatin Balevsky$500 USDUnit test bounty
Apr, 2005Dale Jefferson$10 USDI2P general fund
Mar, 2005Synonymous$3.45 USDI2P general fund
Mar, 2005-Sep, 2005David Hjelm$10 USDI2P general fund
Feb, 2005Marcus Felker$20 USDI2P general fund
Feb-Dec, 2005Sebastian Spaeth$200 USDI2P general fund
Jan, 2005-Dec, 2007[anonymous]$10 USD/monthgeneral fund
Jan, 2005-Jun, 2005Martin Stares$60 USDI2P general fund
Jan, 2005Nico Zimmerman$2 USDI2P general fund
Nov, 2004-Dec, 2007jnymo$10 USD/monthgeneral fund
Dec, 2004, May, 2005Elliot Turner$350 USDI2P general fund
Dec, 2004[anonymous]$5 USDI2P general fund
Nov, 2004modulus$40 USDI2P general fund
Nov, 2004Salvador Petit$10 USDI2P general fund
Nov, 2004Philip Bock$100 USDI2P general fund
Nov, 2004cervantes$154 USDI2P general fund
Sep, 2004[anonymous]$20 USDI2P general fund
Sep, 2004[anonymous]$400 USDI2P general fund
Aug, 2004-Apr, 2005nickster$90 USDI2P general fund
May, 2004protokol$2.24 USDI2P general fund
May, 2004-Sep, 2005Jeff Teitel$135 USDI2P general fund
Apr, 2004-Dec, 2004eco$150 USDI2P general fund, GCJ bounty
Apr, 2004wilde$60 USDMyI2P bounty
Mar, 2004bla$15 USDI2P general fund
Mar, 2004-Apr, 2005duck$720 USDUnit test and other bounties