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Java Runtime 1.5 or higher. (Oracle Java Version 7, OpenJDK 7, or IcedTea7 recommended, except Raspberry Pi: Oracle 8 Early Access, PowerPC: IBM SDK 7)
Determine your installed Java version here or type java -version at your command prompt.

Clean installs

The files are signed by zzz, whose key is here.

I2P can also be downloaded from our project pages on Launchpad and Google Code.

Post-install work

After running the installer on windows, simply click on the "Start I2P" button which will bring up the router console, which has further instructions.

On Unix-like systems, I2P can be started as a service using the "i2prouter" script, located in the directory you selected for I2P. Changing to that directory in a console and issuing "sh i2prouter status" should tell you the router's status. The arguments "start", "stop" and "restart" control the service. The router console can be accessed at its usual location. For users on OpenSolaris and other systems for which the wrapper (i2psvc) is not supported, start the router with "sh" instead.

When installing for the first time, please remember to adjust your NAT/firewall if you can, bearing in mind the Internet-facing ports I2P uses, described here among other ports. If you have successfully opened your port to inbound TCP, also enable inbound TCP on the configuration page.

Also, please review and adjust the bandwidth settings on the configuration page, as the default settings of 96 KBps down / 40 KBps up are fairly slow.

If you want to reach eepsites via your browser, have a look on the browser proxy setup page for an easy howto.

Updates from earlier releases:

Both automatic and manual upgrades are available for the release.

If you are running 0.7.5 or later, your router should detect the new release. To upgrade simply click the 'Download Update' button on your router console when it appears.

Due to a bug in release 0.7.6, those whose first I2P installation was that version and have not upgraded manually may get a "downloaded version is not greater than current version" error, and should use the manual update method below.

If you are running 0.7.4 or earlier, please see the 0.7.5 release notes for important information about how to configure your router to automatically receive the release.

If you are running or earlier, please see instructions for important information about how to configure your router to automatically receive the release.

  1. If you have reconfigured your router following the instructions, you should see a link on your router console allowing you to download and install the new release by just clicking on that link.
  2. Alternately, you can use the manual method specified below.

Updates from earlier releases (manual method):

  1. Download (SHA256 533b0ce2d9e1bfc8762ba17eef3572ae7355ed8f21d5d3557b718a14b05794f2 sig) to your I2P installation directory and rename as (alternately, you can get the source as above and run "ant updater", then copy the resulting to your I2P installation directory). You do NOT need to unzip that file.
  2. Click "Restart"
  3. Grab a cup of coffee and come back in 11 minutes
The file is signed by zzz, whose key is here.

Previous Releases

Previous releases are available on Google Code and Launchpad and within the I2P network on