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Configuration File Specification - I2P
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Configuration File Specification

Updated September 2012, current as of router version 0.9.2


This page provides a general specification of I2P configuration files, used by the router and various applications. It also gives an overview of the information contained in the various files, and links to detailed documentation where available.

General Format

An I2P configuration file is formatted as specified in Java Properties with the following exceptions:

The file need not be sorted, but most applications do sort by key when writing to the file, for ease of reading and manual editing.

Reads and writes are implemented in DataHelper loadProps() and storeProps(). Note that the file format is significantly different than the serialized format for I2P protocols specified in Mapping.

Core library and router

Clients (clients.config)

Configured via /configclients in the router console.

Logger (logger.config)

Configured via /configlogging in the router console.

Individual Plugin (xxx/plugin.config)

See the plugin specification.

Plugins (plugins.config)

Enable/disable for each installed plugin..

Router (router.config)

Configured via /configadvanced in the router console.


Addressbook (addressbook/config.txt)

See documentation in SusiDNS.

I2PSnark (i2psnark.config)

Configured via the application gui.

I2PTunnel (i2ptunnel.config)

Configured via the /i2ptunnel application in the router console.

Router Console

The router console uses the router.config file.

SusiMail (susimail.config)

See post on

Systray (systray.config)